Episode 403 - Dr. Anthony Jay - Estrogenics


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For episode 403 of The Paleo Solution Podcast we have guest Dr. Anthony Jay. Dr. Jay has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and researchers stem cells and epigenetics at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is also the president of a AJ Consulting Company which provides personalized diet, sleep, and training programs based on DNA. Dr. Jay is the author of a bestselling book on artificial estrogen chemicals that is influencing international laws regarding plastic use and disposal. His book is called “Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile.”

Show Notes:

1:47 – Pre-intro/Summary 3:10 – Dr. Anthony Jay Intro 4:16 – Fertility 6:00 – Ancestral norm and progression of estrogen and testosterone 9:25 – Estrogen vs Atrazine 12:57 – How estrogen works in the body 16:52 – Epigenetic impacts 18:23 – Timeline of exposure effects to artificial estrogen 23:46 – Lifestyle effects 25:12 – Things that cause testosterone to drop 27:12 – Stem Cells 27:40 – Micronutrients causing testosterone drop 31:08 – Sourcing meat, estrogens in meats, and mold estrogen Zearalenone 35:45 – Plastic containers, BPA, and pthalates 40:32 – Soy, flax, and phytoestrogens 46:25 – Biggest sources of artificial estrogens 52:55 – How to get rid of artificial estrogen in your body, and saunas 57:46 – Anthony’s current research 59:40 – Where you can find Dr. Jay

Website: https://www.ajconsultingcompany.com/ Good products to use: https://www.ajconsultingcompany.com/whatiuse.html Book: Estrogeneration

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