The Paleo Solution - Episode 384 - Lily Nichols RDN - Real Food for Pregnancy


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For Episode 384 of The Paleo Solution Podcast we have guest Lily Nichols. Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based nutrition (especially prenatal nutrition). Lily is also our go-to person for info on gestational diabetes.

00:00 – Intro 3:06 – Opening, and Robb and Lily discussing their children 5:20 – How Lily got into prenatal nutrition 11:28 – Evolutionary Medicine 16:42 – Nutrient deficiencies during gestation 19:47 – Low carb diets and birth defects 26:02 – Obesity and insulin sensitivity 28:18 – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics policy paper on prenatal nutrition 32:14 – Ramifications of public nutrition policy 39:22 – Nicaraguan cab driver story, and food system 42:15 – Cow island in Alaska 43:49 – Our food system doesn’t make sense 46:35 – Real Food for Pregnancy book 55:13 – Where to find Lily, and closing

Website: and Twitter: @lilynicholsrdn Instagram: @lilynicholsrdn Facebook: PilatesNutritionist

Previous guest appearance on the podcast: Episode 269 - Lily Nichols - Gestational Diabetes

Zoe Harcombe article on low carb diets and birth defects mentioned in the show:

Book: Real Food for Pregnancy

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