The Paleo Solution - Episode 391 - Tim Larkin - When Violence Is The Answer


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This week on Episode 391 of the podcast we have guest Tim Larkin. Tim is a defensive tactics and hand-to-hand combatives expert, and author of When Violence is the Answer. As a former military intelligence officer, he was part of a beta group that redesigned how Special Operations personnel trained for close combat. He has a 25 year career where he has trained over 10,000 people in 52 countries in how to deal with imminent violence, including working with groups like the Navy SEALS teams, SEAL Team 6, US Army Special Forces, FBI Rescue Team, and many more.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Pre-Intro/Summary 4:02 – Violence is a tool 8:08 – Battling the stigma of violence 15:02 – Teaching children about violence, and the difference of training males and females 18:45 – Antisocial aggression vs asocial violence 22:53 – Legal aspect of self defense, only responding when necessary, and avoidance 23:50 – Tim’s goal with training and informing people 26:40 – Violence has no demographic 29:15 – Training kids 35:32 – Pedophile danger 38:02 – Not sugar coating violence 40:07 – Self Protection is like CPR 41:24 – Competition and combat sports vs Destruction 43:18 – Looking at sports injury data for vulnerabilities 45:35 – Taking advantage of automatic body response to injury 46:50 – Is there efficacy of having previous martial arts training 49:07 – Alphas, the currency of violence, and the Aryan Brotherhood 53:11 – Getting effective first 56:56 – Edged weapons, firearms, and tools 59:21 – Slow deliberate training and deep practice 1:07:00 – How Robb and Tim were introduced, and Robb’s atlatl kill 1:08:15 – Where to find Tim’s work, and 10 week video course with book

Website: Instagram: timlarkintft Facebook: Tim Larkin Book: When Violence is the Answer

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