16 May - The one with the Yes/No Game! WTF????


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Calm Larry is back to talk about Ramadan… Robin has a go at his wife for something lovely she did… Jonny held a sea cucumber and tickled a starfish… a new job for yacht lovers… Signs you have a perfect daughter… Jonny tries out the new Snapchat filter… Robin Sucks up to the boss… Jonny met a listener who had an important message… a joke stolen from Chris Fisher on Merge… Robin has a Game of Thrones Parody… Jonnys lame on this day bit and Jonny's riveting nap story…Robin's lovely heartwarming story… Man accused of being racist says he is not racist because of what... David Attenborough is looking for DJ's… Boring Mehrez calls about the Yes No Game… manners you child should know by the age of 9…the mistake with the new Australian 50 dollar note… Calm Larry has more advice for Ramadan… Jonny and Robin have an argument about the Iftar they went to… AND SOOO MUCH MORE!

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