Episode 672: Analog Talk & Digital Musings


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With new comics distribution still cattywampus and no new Previews catalog at time of recording, the lads decide to do some off-the-cuff podding.

Mike starts things off soliciting binding advice for his ideal Maxx collection. With so many options (Image run or IDW run? Mix & match? Multiple issue #1's? Separate book for spinoffs?), Greg has his work cut out for him. Not to be outdone, Greg asks for advice on his new Wacom tablet and taps a rich vein of insight on not only the device itself, but printing in general. Do you know what the K in CMYK stands for? Maybe you do, maybe you don't!

Listen to today's episode for not only all the above, but the hosts' thoughts on Marvel's Dawn of X titles, the absurdity of calling 1986 a Modern Age of anything, and much more!

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