#24 "Why Sports Psychology is a Game Changer with guest Dr. Stephen Gonzalez"


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Join your host Dr. Matt Driscoll and his guest Dr. Stephen Gonzalez as they talk about sports psychology. In this episode you will hear:

1. What kind of doctor is Dr. G?

2. The evolution of sports psychology.

3. Why the state of an athlete's mind is so important.

4. What books Dr. G recommends for finding mental balance.

5. A tip listeners can begin working on today to help with mental health, focus and performance.

6. How Dr. G would handle a hypothetical 16 year old baseball player with Division 1 recruits knocking on his door who is devastated after recently tearing his ACL.

7. How Dr. G "Wins the Day."

8. If he has a friend coming to Rochester, who has never been here, where would he take them?

9. Listeners can connect with Dr. G on his website: https://www.stephen-gonzalez.com/ on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevepgonzalez/ or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StevePGonzalez

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