#26 "Pelvic Pain 101 with guest Dr. Amy Benjamin"


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Join your host Dr. Matt Driscoll and his guest Dr. Amy Benjamin as they discuss:

1. What inspired her to pursue a career in the health field?

2. What is pelvic pain? What are some of the symptoms?

3. What are some of the causes of pelvic pain?

4. Why is pelvic pain "pushed under the rug" and not talked about?

5. Resources/recommendations for further education on pelvic pain.

6. What is diastasis recti?

7. What are a couple actionable items listeners can try if they are experiencing pelvic pain?

8. Are kegel exercises good or bad?

9. How can listeners connect with Dr. Benjamin online, hear more about your practice and/or make an appointment?

10. If you have a friend coming to Rochester, who has never been here, where are you taking them?

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