Laura Linn Knight - Keeping the home "Sane" as we head back to school - Positive Prophetic Words from returning guest Tris Legacy - Corn Whisky (not moonshine) with Jeff Borker - A new Girl Scout Cookie and more on RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard


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Parenting educator Laura Linn Knight is in with real words of wisdom and some funny stories too. Can you imagine being a kid today? Laura Linn Knight offers real, honest, hands on insight into family life. It was a great chat.
Nearly 40 years ago Tris Legacy in a meditative state was looking to find meaning in life his life and to understand recent events. Some words came to him, thoughts, perhaps jumbled at first. He wrote them down, in what has become known as Automatic Writing. Years later the meaning buried deep in two lines became very clear. The story was fascinating. You the listeners asked to have Tris back, so we did. According to Tris, the news is good and for us the best is yet to come. I know it may not seem that way today, listen and get all the details.
We feature bumper music from forgotten 90's and a special tribute to the "Backbone" of the Rolling Stones Charlie Watts. Rock on Charlie, we'll miss you down here. The OG Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo is in with a new Girl Scout cookie, who knew? Our Pet Feature where is Girtie? Crazy story!
Jeff Borker corn whisky you have to try this.
Miss Drew has more of those words to make Billy crazy and we have a new sponsor Bingo Treasure.
Stay to the very end for our special Charlie Watts farewell.
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