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Joy Meredith, who writes as Joy Jarrett, enjoys imagining something creepy in every situation, starting with a fourth-grade theater production when she became convinced a monster lived under the stage.

She might not let different foods touch on her plate, yet she's fearless when it comes to mixing love stories and horror in her scary good romances.

Joy is currently a school librarian, but has worked in a pet store, a safari park, and vet hospitals and holds a Zoology degree. Animals always feature in her writing.

On a good day, her two cats and two pugs make room on the couch for Joy and her family.

They live outside Denver, where Joy experiences frequent shaming that she's never gone skiing in her life.

She enjoys reading, traveling, board games, and going with her English husband to explore castles in Britain, where she finds plenty of romantic, spooky inspiration.

You can find out more on her website

Her debut novel, just out, is Old Cravings.

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