53: A Best Of Independent Music Playlist


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A 'Best Of' playlist of all the music RMR has aired over the last 3 years. A melodic feast for your ears.

1. Stelth Ulvang- And as Always, the Infinite Cosmos- Out for Yourself

2. Dwight Vernon Forcey- Note to Self: Whatever- I Feel better When I Lose

3. Mega Gem- Colors of the West- Puddles

4. Sophie Paulette Jupillat- Waltz of the Romanovs Folks

5. King Cardinal- EP- The Beggar

6. Andrew Neal- Female King- More Like a Train Wreck

7. The Maykit- Moonboy- What Have You Done

8. Arusha Topazzini- Ovento

9. Electric Thinking Machine- Coyote Theme

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