RPP #177: The Future of Learning Platforms: Perspectives from LMS Vendors


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  • These questions were asked:
    • What will be the most different about the LMS in 5 years?
    • What will not change in the LMS after 5 years?
    • Will the instructional designer be more important than the instructor?
    • What hasn't worked regarding the effort to have data inform the LMS experience?
    • What about the "dark underbelly" of data, privacy, and misuse of data?
    • What hasn't worked with student personalization, and what will the future bring?
    • Do the needs of accreditation conflict with student personalization?
    • What will be the impact of blockchain, voice control, and machine learning?
    • What are the biggest hurdles to adopting a new LMS?
    • How do you deal with shortened student attention span?
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