An apple a day...a glimpse into Laird and Company, the FIRST legal distillery in the United States


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This episode we met up with Lisa Laird Dunn of Laird and Company. The first legal apple-mash distillery operating in the United States. Lisa shares her incredible family history that reaches back generations and samples us on a rare cask celebrating her son's legacy, the tenth generation. So, whats the difference between applejack and apple brandy? "Applejack (also known as apple brandy or “straight applejack”) must be produced from 100 percent apples, blended applejack is a blend of apple brandy and grain neutral spirits (this is a category that Laird's petitioned for; it was passed in 1972). She describes it as functioning like an “applewhiskey.” Lisa and her family have been making applejack and apple brandy for over two hundred years. "Prior to 1760, George Washington wrote to the Laird family requesting their Applejack recipe. Entries appear in Washington’s diary in the 1760’s referring to the production of “cyder spirits”. As a Revolutionary soldier serving under George Washington, Robert Laird and his family provided the troops with Applejack." since then the Laird family business has survived fires, prohibition and WWII. Today they produce an entire line of apple-based spirits. We were fortunate enough to taste a couple of rare items as well. For a fun and different treat, replace your favorite whiskey cocktail with Lairds, it won't let you down! The Gramercy Tavern in NYC has a favorite on their menu, which is easy to execute at home, the Applejack Rabbit. Delicious!

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