BCB SERIES #2: Experiencing El Silencio Mezcal. Imbibing this ancient beverage hurt so good!!!!


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We met the crew at El Silencio Mezcal at Bar Convent, Brooklyn last year. This year we came back to taste and wow, what an experience! We'll leave the actual tasting experience to the episode. Mezcal can be misunderstood because many people who try them for the first time are often disappointed. Mezcal flavor profiles are on a wide spectrum. They can be incredibly bold, medicinal & smokey or they can be more soft, floral and balanced. The key is balance. El Silencio Mezcal is perfectly balanced for a broad range of Mezcal consumers.

The mezcal Espadín is double distilled in Oaxaca, Mexico and is the "perfect companion for cocktails or simply to sip on its own. A robust, deep flavor profile recalls earthly delights and hearty tastes, providing a subtle smoke and pronounced finish unlike any mezcal or spirit you’ve encountered in your travels."

COLOUR Clear with solid white accents. TASTE Roasted figs, sweet potatoes and charred stone fruit. AROMA Balanced smoke, ash and baking spices. FINISH Predominantly white pepper, bell pepper, and a myriad of baking spices.

"While similar to their super premium Joven Ensamble Mezcal, Espadin is perfect for being adventurous and mixing it up. Give the classic cocktail a twist, and elevate the experience by making El Silencio the center of the recipe. Make a bloody mary a Mezcal Mary; put some smoke in your margarita. Espadín is a pure agave mezcal for people that know what they want in life, whether sipped, shaken or stirred."

After our neat experience we had two amazing cocktails:



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