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We had a great time with Mike and Dani from Coconut Cartel! Amazing founding story that created a Guatemalan rum proofed with coconut water.

"Coconut Cartel is the story of Mike and Dani Zig and all the places theyve called home. Born in Miami to Latin parents, the Zigs grew up between Miami, Guatemala and El Salvador; often spending weekdays in Central America and weekends in Miami. These two drastically different, yet culturally connected places, are the very inspiration behind Coconut Cartel.

As soon as they settled back in Miami, they began their first venture: 'smuggling’ coconuts in their suitcases from islands off the coast of El Salvador directly to Miami Beach’s best hotels. Creating one of the first ‘Instagrammable’ beverages to hit the beaches opened up a lot of doors into the hospitality and spirits industries, allowing them to collaborate with brands such as Soho House, Standard Hotels, The Surf Lodge and into the hands of mega celebrities like Drake, Martha Stewart, HRH Prince Harry Sussex, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more.

Coconut Cartel was born.

Today Coconut Cartel is keeping the smuggler spirit alive with the launch of its coconut water infused, premium Guatemalan anejo rum, Coconut Cartel Special. Developed with Central America’s best coconut, coffee and rum producers, and delivered straight to the U.S. via the Port of Miami, Coconut Cartel Special brings the best of the region to the rest of the world in a bottle."

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