Best DAM gin experience! Delta sky club and Amsterdam's flagship gin, Damrak


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Big thanks to Delta Sky Club for hosting this episode with Damrak Gin. We met up with Tanya from Damrak to discuss cocktails, gin history and trends. Delta Sky Club's complimentary cocktail of the month is a Spanish-Style gin and tonic made with Damrak. The gin recently won silver at Food and Beverage Magazine's PROOF% awards Damrak is light on the juniper with a lot of subtle flavors, predominantly citrus. These characteristics opens it to whole host of cocktails. There are 17 different ingredients that give Damrak Gin its DAM good taste. Some of them they disclose, but some are the Master Distiller’s secret. The main distillate consists of the best quality Curaçao oranges. The distillate of these peels highlights the citrusy character of Damrak Gin; like a triple-sec liqueur without sugars. Valencia oranges give Damrak Gin its sweet and distinctive aroma, while lemons provide the freshness. In every gin, there are juniper berries. Even though they deliberately added little less juniper berries, it is still clearly noticeable in taste and smell. Adding some herbs and spices like angelica root, cinnamon, lavender and star anise results in the unique flavor of Damrak Gin.

Recipe: Damrak gin, good tonic (we love Fever Tree), two slices of cucumber, FRESH sprig of rosemary or thyme or even lavender. Toss in a few dried juniper berries and there you have it! This style of gin and tonic is great on a hot day paired with tapas or even on cold day paired with short rib sliders. Tanya loves to pair Damrak with oysters on the half shell or even served as a shooter.

Delta Sky Club is an amazing experience and we are very much looking forward to returning to take advantage of ALL the great amenities they have to offer!

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