Passionate about passion fruit! Farm-to-bottle passion fruit liqueur made in the Dominican Republic


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We met the crew at Chinola during a visit to Bar Convent, Brooklyn. They are "passionate" about the entire operation. This includes carefully growing their own Passion fruit. This is the most authentic passion fruit liqueur we tasted. We love it chilled; however, a splash on top of a fresh Caipirinha and it doesn't get much better.

"Passion fruit is widely referred to as maracujá throughout Latin America, except in the Dominican Republic where this local treasure is termed Chinola. Our chinola are meticulously grown and varies in shade, each carefully selected from their farm."

Bitters and Bottles: "Chinola can be sipped straight or over ice, and tastes wonderful when mixed. You can use it in a Highball with straight seltzer or sparkling wine, or add it to an Aperol Spritz. It also works wonderfully in tropical or tiki cocktails that call for a passion fruit syrup like a Hurricane. It’s drier, boozier, livelier and fresher tasting than any other passion fruit syrups or liqueurs on the market

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