We love Belgium blondes! A sit down with renowned Belgium 🇧🇪 brewer Yvan De Baets


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We met up with Yvan at Deccico's markets in Armonk, NY. Yvan De Baets is a founder and brewer at the famed brewery, Brasserie De La Senne, in Brussels. He is also a social worker and beer historian. Belgium has a long rich history when it comes to brewing and is also trend setter to the entire brewing industry. Yvan is extremely passionate about the beers he and fellow brewer, Bernard Leboucq produce. Together they brew beers they love while remaining uninfluenced by trends and profit. As a result they brew beers that are wonderfully bitter, low in alcohol and superior when it comes to quality. Many consumers in the brewing industry consider Brasserie De La Senne to be "some of the best beer in the world".

"The beers of Brasserie de la Senne are produced by two passionate brewers from Brussels: Yvan De Baets and Bernard Leboucq. They work in a small brewery honouring the traditional ways of brewing beer: unfiltered, unpasteurized, free of any additives and using only the finest raw materials of the highest quality. Their dedication to un-compromised quality is definitely one of the outstanding characteristics of the brewery. The beers, with their complex flavour and well-distinguished personalities, are true beers of character, made in Brussels."

"Brussels is the place where we were born and where we live. We love this city. We are very proud to have doubled its number of breweries, as, when we opened, the only other active brewery in Brussels was Cantillon. We brew in the Brussels Region, on 565 Chaussée de Gand, in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, since 22 December 2010. This date has also become the date of our anniversary brew, only brewed once a year – the Brussels Calling. We have designed our production facilities by carefully selecting the technologies in use. For some stages we have purposely opted for simpler technologies in order to preserve all the aromas of our beers. We take pride in being a local brewery; Brussels is our first market, followed by the rest of Belgium. We limit our exports, despite the success we have encountered abroad. We are, however, available in a dozen countries, with a leading presence in the United States, Italy and Japan."

We hope at some point to follow up with Yvan at his brewery in Brussels for an "on the road" episode.

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