Wolf Conservation Center, South Salem NY: This is their "howl" story...


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Another first for us! Truly honored to be guests & students at The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. Not only home to the famous X-men mansion its also home to 50 North American wolves. Species at the center include Gray, Mexican Gray and Red wolves. We met up Maggie Howell who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Canis Lupus. Maggie, Executive Director, has worked at the Wolf Conservation Center since 2005, starting as the WCC's Managing Director and taking the helm as Executive Director in 2013. She continues to lead the WCC's education and advocacy initiatives and be the main voice of the WCC. The remaining staff is made up of dedicated professionals that include educators, scientists, veterinarians and volunteers. As we learned, the center has many moving parts; however, there are two main components, education and breeding. In regards to education, WCC has ambassador wolves, Zephyr, Alawa and Nikai who work directly with the public and will never be released into the wild. Don't worry, they live an amazing life in their enclosure which includes donations of filet mignon & octopus from Whole Foods. The breeding component is made up of the remaining 47 wolves and have limited contact with humans as to protect them for eventual release into the wild. Their diets are kept more wild and depend solely on donations which include road-kill and hunter drop-offs. The breeding component is absolutely fascinating and WCC along with US Fish & Wildlife have had many successful reintroductions. Surprise guest Rocio La Rosa also joined us to give insight into the spiritual side of wolves as well as their symbolism. We had an amazing experience and very much look forward to following the WCC progress and continued success in bringing back Canis Lupus and the 38 sub-species.

The Wolf Conservation Center is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization and rely heavily on donations and volunteering. Please give at the following link: THE WOLF CONSERVATION CENTER

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