ROKER RAPPORT NOTAPUBCAST: Very f*ckin quick & gutted Fleetwood 2-2 Sunderland reaction!


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Rich was joined by Bomber in those terrible minutes immediately following the final whistle as we slumped to a 2-2 los... I mean draw... against Fleetwood earlier! So if there's anything here that isn't already cleared up by post match replays and interviews - well there's a far more in depth discussion coming tomorrow...

What's the crack?

  • The lads try valiantly to mask their disappointment with the result;

  • The lads fail to mask their disappointment with the result;

  • Was it a penna? Well the Ref thought so.. What did the lads think at the time?

  • How many different ways are there to express how gutted you are? We find out.

  • Aye. Basically the lads are gutted for 8 minutes or so with 2 minutes of trying not to be gutted thrown in for good measure. Enjoy?

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