ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Harrogate 0-4 Sunderland, Tranmere Away & discussing the Transfer Market!


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Gav was joined by our Ant Waterson - and a Pod debutant in Phil 'HotTakes2Go' West - as they looked back at yesterday's 4-0 win over Harrogate, answer a few listener questions, and chat more about recruitment ahead of Sunderland's final two preseason games against Tranmere and Hull respectively!

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What's the crack?

  • Preseason means absolutely nowt/absolutely everything; Aye... Some good performances again yesterday - Does it settle the nerves or are people still panicking?

  • Hands off our Embo; Should we take an offer (if one comes in) or are the lads completely against the idea of selling one of our brightest talents? Take a guess...

  • What are the areas that look most in need of strengthening as Lee Johnson and Co look to add more players to the books in the coming weeks?

  • Are people fair to judge players like Stewart this early?

  • We look ahead to the game at Tranmere, glance toward Friday and Hull City, as well as chat about a certain Mr Grigg, and of course answer as many of your Twitter questions as we can;


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