ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Sunderland Transfers & Recruitment Mass Debate... Ever been to a market, Danny?


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Gav, Chris and Ant got together last night to talk about Sunderland’s win over Hull, and to answer a boatload of questions from our listeners about the club’s transfer and recruitment situation.

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What’s the crack?

  • Sickness-stricken Sunderland beat Hull on friday at the SOL; That was alright as it goes wasn't it?

  • The Full Back situation; Do we like Winchester playing out of position?

  • Embo has emerged as a serious contender in the #10 position... Some lad isn't he?

  • Stewart settles people’s nerves with a nice goal; Are his critics starting to see what he's all about?

  • Sunderland’s recruitment and transfer situation - let’s just cut the sh*t and have a serious debate about where things are at, and where things are likely headed...

  • Time to chill out? Ant thinks so...

Gav loves markets btw. Seriously...

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