The 10 Worst Draft Picks of the Last Five Years with James Anderson


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James Anderson joins Nick Whalen to debate and discuss their individual lists of the 10 worst draft picks from the last five drafts. The guys discuss the thought process behind their rankings and run through where and why each pick went wrong.

Nick's list:

  1. Marvin Bagley
  2. Jerome Robinson
  3. Markelle Fultz
  4. Luke Kennard
  5. Kevin Knox
  6. Deandre Ayton
  7. Dragan Bender
  8. T.J. Leaf
  9. Josh Jackson
  10. Jalen Smith

James' List:

  1. Marvin Bagley
  2. Deandre Ayton
  3. Jaxson Hayes
  4. Jalen Smith
  5. James Wiseman
  6. Anthony Edwards
  7. Lonzo Ball
  8. Jerome Robinson
  9. Kevin Knox
  10. Obi Toppin

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