Rounding Down's 2nd Anniversary - Britney Spears part 3 with Kara (@thebostonista)


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WOWowowow we can't believe we're about to start year 3 of your favorite Britney Spears fan podcast! This week we welcome back our first ever guest Kara (@thebostonista) to talk about what else, BRITNEY SPEARS! As part of Sigh's ongoing commitment to bringing up things that no one who listens to the podcast will know about, we talk about Chid's college roommate, Kara's cool cape house on Cape CHOD that she "forgot" to invite Chid & Sigh to, and we remember some people with redacted names. Sigh gets contact high and asks Kara a lot of questions about conservatorshipthat only a lawyer would know. Please note that Kara is not a lawyer and answers these questions to the best of her ability because she's nice and doesn't want to tell Sigh to look it up. After some heavy topics Kara gets to play a game of Rounding Down fan trivia to lighten the mood, and Chid sings a little tune that really brings everyone together.
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