Working for Free (good!) and Doughnuts (bad!) with Girl Wonder (@Girl_wonderX)


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Chid's growler of PBR overflows with delicious suds and love as he is joined by long-time online-only friend and Deadspin veteran, Girl Wonder. Chid explains why working for free is not only good, but vital. Girl Wonder talks about why doughnuts are bad even though she agrees that she would design a doughnut with a trillion dollar coin on it (we're not calling her a hypocrite but we're also not calling her a hero). They disagree on a lot of things but agree that they are both unlikable and agree that Miley Cyrus was once in a music video. They play, "Is That a Bassline?" and the new segments, "Cool bro, cool," and "Flat-a Earthica," are unveiled.
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