David Banks: Two-Time Olympic Rower and Role Model Talks Importance of Diversity with Daphne Martschenko and Tymir Green-Ellis


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#020 - David Banks competed as an Olympic rower in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. In addition, he is a Stanford graduate and has represented the US at the World Rowing level 2008-2014. Needless to say, he is someone that most black rowers look up to when rowing at the elite level. As such, his interviewers are those who have looked up to him as well. Daphne Martschenko (Episode 4) and Tymir Green-Ellis (Episode 6). Tune in to find out his thoughts on diversity in the sport of rowing and just who could be your next board member to help make these changes.

If you are an Executive Director looking to add black rowers to your board of directors, please reach out to David Banks and Daphne Martschenko (and many other folks).

To get in touch with David Banks, reach out to him via email davidbbanks@gmail.com or via phone (240) 506-2726.

To reach out to Daphne Martschenko find her @daphmarts on Instagram.

To reach out to Tymir Green-Ellis, find him @tymiryasin on Instagram.

We hope that the conversation in this podcast helps us all in the rowing world -- no matter your race -- to unify the rowing sport through diversity.
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