Katherine Valdez: Ecuadorian American PR1 Para-Rower Teaches us to "See the Able, Not the Label"


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#024 - Katherine Valdez is an Ecuadorian-American PR1 rower, which means she is an adaptive rower who rows using only her arms and shoulders. In this conversation she talks about how she started to row, moments she didn’t feel welcome outside of the boathouse, and advice for any future adaptive rowers.
Tips: Learn the language

  • Use people-first language;
    • Say "person with disability" not "disabled person"
    • Say "person with wheelchair" not "wheelchair-bound person"
  • Ask respectful questions regarding ability; don't assume you know what someone with a disability can or cannot do.
  • If you don't understand someone's accent, then ask (don't dismiss). Someone's accent is part of their identity.

To follow Katherine on her journey, find her on Instagram @kat.valdez72

We hope that the conversation in this podcast helps us all in the rowing world -- no matter your race -- to unify the rowing sport through diversity.
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