Ep. 10 - Cassandra Cunningham


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Cassandra Cunningham is the Owner of Power of 3, LLC in Philadelphia, PA. In this episode we discuss professional development for coaches in the sport with an emphasis on their role as a teacher. We also explore the college selection process and the value of finding the right fit for the student-athlete based on their social, academic, and athletic needs.

Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:51 Developing a Professional Skillset for Young Coaches 00:10:12 How Prior Proper Planning Can Magnify Practice Efficiency 00:14:34 Learning to Communicate Effectively as a Coach 00:21:55 The Role of Consultants in Program and Coach Development 00:25:16 Navigating the Recruitment Process 00:47:51 The Role of Coaches in the Recruitment Process 00:55:05 Innovative Strategies for Building and Supporting a Coaching Staff 01:03:04 Balancing Humility and Confidence 01:11:02 Managing Conflict as a Professional 01:15:47 Translating Personal Experience into Effective Instruction 01:28:42 Training Considerations for the Masters Athletes 01:35:56 Insights from a Track and Field Background 01:40:48 Mental Focus in Training and Racing

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