#70: Kyle Dake Controversy & Askren’s UFC 239 Breakdown


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On this episode, Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan discuss Fargo Junior Nationals, UFC 239, and the controversy surround Kyle Dake’s decision to delay his match with Dieringer but compete internationally. Dernlan starts by announcing RUDIS will be in Fargo, North Dakota for Junior Nationals. The RUDIS booth/tent will be located across the street from the Fargodome in the Applebee’s parking lot the same as last year. Anyone who has experienced the RUDIS booth in Fargo knows that it is an event in itself including athlete/legend appearances and poster signings. Askren won’t only be signing posters at the RUDIS booth but also coaching the 48 wrestlers attending Junior Nationals from Askren Wrestling Academy. This year beats AWA’s previous record of 30 athletes participating.
A Living Example (3:48)
Askren discusses the aftermath of UFC 239 and shares more of his thoughts on the entire situation including how to handle loss as an athlete, coach, and parent. Following his loss, Askren did exactly what he’s been teaching and speaking about for years which is not sulking or hiding but facing it and learning from adversity. Overall, it’s about harnessing the lessons and motivation from failure and using it to move on and work towards your goals as a stronger individual.
Fargo Junior Nationals or College? (10:28)
Generally speaking, most colleges have their athletes come to school early and not compete at Fargo. This is to get kids acclimated to the college scene quicker as well as get them into summer session classes in order to take the stress off of them during the season. Another benefit is the earlier you can get them into the wrestling room the better. Askren speaks to how important those extra three months can be. What college coaches really want to avoid is a high school senior athlete taking the summer off. If the athlete’s goal is to win a Junior National Freestyle Championship that is great but if it’s not it’s important to start them getting ready for college.
The Kyle Dake Disaster (19:35)
Askren jumps into the Kyle Dake wrestle off situation. Askren is frustrated with what Dake (or any returning medalist) is being allowed to do even being the returning gold medalist. Originally in order to postpone a wrestle-off for the world team spot against Alex Dieringer, Dake had a note from his Doctor stating he would not be able to compete until August 17th to allow him to recover from surgery. That was approved by the commission board and a wrestle-off date was set. He then produces a second note supporting his recovery in order to compete internationally July 6th. This is not an ideal situation for either Dake or Dieringer. By delaying the match, you’re eating away at the time focused on international competition because you have to focus on making the team against another top-tier individual.
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