#72: LIVE From Fargo Yasar Dogu Recap


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Matt Storniolo Joins
On this special LIVE episode from the RUDIS Booth at Fargo, North Dakota Junior Nationals Ben Askren, Northwestern Head Coach Matt Storniolo, and Matt Dernlan talk collegiate wrestling and Yasar Dogu results. They kick-off by asking Storniolo about how Freestyle training is going at Northwestern. Northwestern currently has Yahya Thomas and Lucas Davison representing them on the world stage both of whom made the Junior World Team. They also discuss Sebastian Rivera’s future in freestyle wrestling and the possibility of him wrestling for Puerto Rico on the world stage. Northwestern also just had Ryan Deakin make it all the way to Final X. Askren talks about how impressive it was and what can Storniolo equate to how Deakin came off a 6th place NCAA finish to being extremely close to representing the US at Worlds. Storniolo talks about the grind of a season Deakin went through with every week taking on a top 10 opponent. He also talks about the balancing act that is the college wrestling season and the plans for 2020.
Yasar Dogu (12:15)
After Storniolo gets back to coaching, Askren and Dernlan talk about Fargo Junior Nationals, the history, and energy surrounding it and how important it is for wrestling. They then get into the 2019 Yasar Dogu wrestling tournament. The U.S. had an incredible showing and came out with great results. They first talk about how much we learned about seeing Yianni Diakomihalis compete in his first senior-level national tournament. They also breakdown Frank Chamizo defaulting out of the finals against Jordan Burroughs.
Zain vs Yianni (25:14)
The topic goes to Zain Retherford and Diakomihalis’ ongoing arbitration over the Final X official call. After Diakomihalis beat Retherford at Yasar Dogu, it opened the conversation back up from the public that these two need to wrestle match 2 from Final X again.
Dake vs Dieringer (30:25)
Askren asks how Alex Dieringer’s results impact Dernlan’s view on Dieringer vs Kyle Dake. Dernlan says it’s hard to say until you see it and either of the two will most likely be gold medalist. Askren predicted that Dieringer could and would beat Dake in a close match at Final X and Dieringer’s performance internationally solidifies his prediction.
J’Den Cox Calls his Shot (33:40)
Dernlan talks about how J’Den Cox called his shot like Babe Ruth was known for by saying he was going to show the world there is no hope for anyone else at worlds. Cox didn’t get scored on once at Yasar Dogu and beats the world 42-0.
Kyle Snyder Wins Gold (40:13)
Dernlan talks about Snyder’s concentration on his preparation for Worlds. It’s exciting to watch Snyder’s gut wrench and par terre wrestling jumping levels since last year.

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