#80: Kyle Dake vs Alex Dieringer Wrestle Off Recap


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Team USA - One Step Closer to Final Form
This episode, Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan detail and breakdown Dake vs Dieringer, Diakomihalis vs Retherford, wrestling protocol, Junior Greco, and Daton Fix joining Askren on the podcast. Askren commends Dake on his gameplan, execution, and all-around wrestling. Dernlan talks about Dake's ability to adapt to his opponent. He says he has one of the best pushouts in the world, he's great at controlling center and wrestling from space as well as controlling tempo and pace. Next, they get into the topic of Yianni vs Zain and wrestling rules protocol. They mention Cholton Schultz and acknowledge his tremendous potential at the next level. The last topic they discuss is Daton Fix and how the wrestling community has been able to witness his career from such a young age.
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