Why I Kept Running: The Badass Lady Gang and I Share How We Became Runners


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There is an infinite number of articles online offering tips and tricks to go for that first run. They’re great. READ THEM! But you don’t need to know what you’re doing or have special shoes or gear to become a runner. If you’re looking for a plan, check out my guided runs. I have 8 weeks of podcast episodes that will guide and distract you through those first two months of running. (You can download my free 8K Become A Runner Plan Here) The hardest part about becoming a runner isn’t that first run. It’s sticking with it. I asked the Badass Lady Gang what clicked for them. What was the reason they didn’t give up after their first few runs? Why Did You Keep Running? Their stories are inspiring as hell! If you’re looking to become a runner but are afraid you’ll quit or won’t be able to stick with it, read their stories to both be inspired and reminded that you aren’t alone with your fears and anxieties. Then lace up whatever shoes you have and see what happens. TODAY IS ALWAYS THE DAY.

Today is all about talking about why I kept running.

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