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Daily Leadership Challenges and Tips

We hope you enjoy these daily leadership tips and challenges. Our hope is that these tips and challenges will motivate you, make you think, provide you with actionable steps, bring your team together, make your team more productive and profitable, and generally keep you interested in continually learning about leadership, because leadership is a life-long learning process.

This show is brought to you by The Current Leadership Coaching Team or CLC Team, and we offer a variety of ways for you to continually have leadership training and development. Our primary focus is on team leaders; specifically, leaders in the manufacturing industry who have multiple leaders they work with while leading their own teams both independently and in conjunction with other teams within the same organization (either at one large site or in separate locations). We have seen how different leaders within an organization can be leading their teams in vastly different ways, producing different results. We work to unify all of the leaders of an organization so that you have one big SUPERIOR Team, or a team that is Self-Aware, Unified, Persevering, Empowered, Relationally Safe, Intentional, Optimized, and Resourceful.

The CLC Team accomplishes this is a variety of ways and by using various learning methods:

  • 3 to 4-hour workshops (on-site or online)
  • Online Leadership Community (weekly zoom calls that cover leadership topics)
  • The Complete Leadership Development System
  • Leadership Mastermind (online and annual event)

Our Current Online Community for Leaders is currently open! The monthly price is $47 a month and this includes one weekly “live” zoom call, full access to our leadership library of video courses, full access to all the replays of prior zoom calls, and a private community to connect with other leaders! To find out more and/or to join, please visit https://www.currentleadershipcoaching.com/offers/jiWzoLKJ or https://www.clcteam.com

For more information on the Current Mastermind Group, click on the following link: https://www.currentleadershipcoaching.com/currentmm

To get our FREE Guide and video that tells you the NUMBER ONE Hiring Question you should be asking in order to Hire the Right Person for the job Without Fear of getting a bad hire, click the following link: https://www.currentleadershipcoaching.com/hiringquestion

To get your FREE One-Page Goals Worksheet, visit https://www.currentleadershipcoaching.com/goals

Contact us:

Paul Grau Jr. at Paul@clcteam.com

Jennifer Grau at JenG@CLCTeam.com

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