S01E01: RPOs, Tite Fronts, Bunches, and Condensed Sets w/ Joe Moorhead, OC at Oregon


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This is Season 1 Episode 1 of the Run Vass Option podcast with Joe Moorhead, Offensive Coordinator at the University of Oregon. We talk about all things RPO as well as call sheets, language structure, playing Tite and Bear teams, and much more! SHOW NOTES 4:45 Welcome Joe Moorhead! 7:37 Favorite RPOs Over the Years 10:18 Creating a Menu with Tags 11:48 How Did You Start with RPOs? 18:29 The History of Coach Moorhead & RPOs 21:24 Defense's Counterpunch 22:34 Moorhead's Adaptations to Defense Playing Man 26:57 The Importance of Still Using 3-Step 33:39 Lining up in Empty & Motioning the RB Back In 36:39 Building a Language Structure from Scratch 44:43 Dropback Favorite 49:14 Organizing Your Call Sheet 52:25 Playing the Tite Front 55:01 Treating the Bear & Tite Front Differently? 57:32 Power Sucker 59:10 Playing Against 3-High Safety Teams 1:10:01 Seeing Your Stuff on Sundays 1:17:20 Condensed and Bunch Sets 1:29:09 COVID/New Job Affecting Installation 1:33:20 Penei Sewell 1:34:04 Contact Joe Moorhead 1:37:55 Who Inspires You? Follow Coach Moorhead on Twitter @BallCoachJoeMo and Coach Vass @CoachVass, and the podcast's account @RunVassOption, as well as the Make Defense Great Again account, @MDGAPodcast. Come join us on Twitter to discuss the episode! To see the new Coach Vass Football YouTube Page bit.ly/vasstube To join the Coach Vass Football Patreon, go to www.patreon.com/CoachVass TO SIGNUP FOR THE HUDL BLITZ 21 CLINIC www.hudl.com/coachvass Visit our website at www.coachvass.com to view more information on the podcast, the link to his YouTube channel, CoachTube videos, Patreon, Pop-Up Clinics, blog posts, and articles from Coach Vass, as well links to join Coach Vass' email list, and a form to contact him for off-season consulting. SPONSOR LINKS: www.hudl.com

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