S01E03: Wide Zone and Complimentary Tags-Calls w/ Nick Codutti, HC/OC at Fulshear HS (Fulshear, TX)


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Season 1 Episode 3 with Nick Codutti, Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator at Fulshear HS in Fulshear, Texas. We discuss Wide Zone - how to install, the tags & adjustments, as well as solutions to common defensive counter punches. SHOW NOTES 4:25 Welcome Nick Codutti! 7:39 Wide Zone, Outside Zone, or Stretch!? 14:29 Wide Zone 20:30 Starting Point to Install Wide Zone 24:15 Advancing to Combo Blocks 28:40 RB's Path Under Center vs. the Gun 29:57 RB Reads in Wide Zone 32:41 WR Blocking 35:54 Tags/Adjustments for Wide Zone 42:58 Solutions to Common Problems 1:03:30 Coach Codutti's System Info 1:06:38 The YouTube/Catapult Fiasco 1:20:42 Coach's Contact Info 1:21:32 Championship Question Follow Coach Codutti on Twitter @CoachCodutti and Coach Vass @CoachVass, and the podcast's account @RunVassOption, as well as the defensive podcast, @MDGAPodcast. Come join us on Twitter to discuss the episode! COACHVASS COACHTUBE COURSE OF THE WEEK Jim McNally - "Rules and Techniques for Blocking Inside, Outside, & Wide Zone" bit.ly/offtube To register for the Kurt Warner April 5th Q&A bit.ly/kurtqaregister To submit a question for the webinar bit.ly/kurtwarner13 To see the new Coach Vass Football YouTube Page www.youtube.com/coachvassfootball To join the Coach Vass Football Patreon, go to www.patreon.com/CoachVass Visit our website at www.coachvass.com to view more information on the podcast, the link to his YouTube channel, CoachTube videos, Patreon, Pop-Up Clinics, blog posts, and articles from Coach Vass, as well links to join Coach Vass' email list, and a form to contact him for off-season consulting. SPONSOR LINKS: www.hudl.com www.coachtube.com

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