RAF019: Going Deeper


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It’s a cool day, and though it is clear and at the peak of temperature for the day, my hands are cold. I try to keep a positive attitude and recognize success in my efforts, but sometimes I don’t celebrate wins and tend to just look for the next challenge I must overcome. Perhaps I need to work on that. I look forward to a visit to a running store to finally get equipped to run in the dark. Running is harder in the cold weather, because it is harder to get the needed volume of air into my lungs. I think and hope that I must be getting a better workout on days like these because I’m putting forth more effort, even though it is the same amount of work. Before the fall of Lance Armstrong I watched a lot of cycling and remember athletes talking about “going deeper”. With guys at that level, it is not a matter of who’s trying harder, or who has the best gear. It comes down to the physical makeup of each man’s body, the organic equipment. That’s when I learned how important oxygen is to physical performance. Diet-wise it was not a bad day, big breakfast with waffles and some protein, shake for lunch. One of the good things about working out before breakfast is that the carbohydrates are expended (or converted to fat), and you’re burning fat from the start. But the early carbohydrates and protein probably helped me get through the day. I talk about safety issues on the course. I prefer not to wear headphones, at least not on both ears, so I can hear bicycles approaching behind me. It is good safety practice to notify the person ahead that you are passing and to respond so the cyclist knows you are aware of him. This is a hard workout and even a mile after I complete the run I am still breathing heavy and have some definite cardio-pulmonary stress. I hope that I can improve my capacity and this gets easier or that I can do more as time passes with continued exercise. I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am. If you are wanting to get started just do it! I listen to podcasts about things I want to do, like starting a podcast. So until you’re ready, we can just take my journey together. Until then, I’m going to keep the fever, and I hope you do to.

Weight: 265 Workout time: 49 Minutes Distance (total): 2.32 Miles Run Portion: .5 Miles Heart Rate (min/max all day): 61/89 Steps: 10,326 Goal: To run 10.5 miles in one day by 11/18/18

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