Words of Wisdom from General Powell


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RUSH: You know what’s funny to watch? What’s funny to watch is the Drive-Bys trying to portray Colin Powell and his hacked emails as devastating to Trump. It’s… Folks, this is hilarious! They’re doing everything they can to ignore the negative things Colin Powell said about — and, by the way, this is gonna change the day for Colin Powell. Colin Powell is not thought to speak this way. People don’t think that Colin Powell even thinks this way.

Colin Powell is not a “partisan.” He doesn’t say mean things about people except the people who deserve to have mean things said about them, like me. But, other than that, he doesn’t criticize establishment types. And look what’s in these emails. My God, we could make at least two T-shirts with nothing but Colin Powell quotes on the front! In fact, that may be an idea. They’ve been trying to push the idea that Powell won’t be voting for Trump because Powell called Trump “a national disgrace.”

Ha! Who saw that coming?


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