RV Navigator Episode 142 - Beat the House


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We start the month sailing in the Caribbean for a week sailing aboard the beautiful Harmony of the seas. She is todays largest cruise ship. Lots of innovation and digital enhancements. RFID wrist bands to provide access to rooms and accounts is just one thing. We beat the ships Casino for a total of $14 with a $60 investment, so we titled episode “Beat the house” This month was spent at TGO and visiting the Tampa Super show. We were spent 4 days camped on the show grounds as part of a TGO RVing group. This provided us with early access and very convenient show access - we could walk to the event. We had a new auto sat dish installed while parked. Our old auto dish was made for internet access and we had adapted it for satellite TV. Unfortunately mobile satellite internet is going away so our dish became less useful. The new satellite TV only dishes have several advantages so we made the switch. I was sad to see our 12 year old dish (costing $6000) being thrown in the trash, but it had served out it useful life. The Florida weather continued to impress as the rest of the country suffered major storms and precipitation. Our weather continued to be above average temps (near 80 most days) and sunny skies. We’re hoping that this podcast gets mounted on Feb 1, but with ships internet, one never knows. This ship has improved internet and full time access (for a fee) but it is not fast by any land based standard. Wish us luck.

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