RV Navigator Episode 150 - Then and Now


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On the road from Washington State near Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Rainer. We left home in early Sept headed to some of the NPs that we had visited 30 years ago and missed (due to snow) on our trip 2 years ago. Back again to visit these spectacular locations. Excellent weather made our photos worthy of the locations. After meeting several podcast listeners in Rocky National Pk including Mark and Marisa Newhouse, David Grossman,Karen Bigelow, Greg and Cathy Taylor. Thanks for contacting us for a meet up. From there we slowly headed to Washington for the end of the month. We spend some time in the Columbia River gorge near Portland. Fires had kept us away, but the local reports from listener Doreen let us know when it was safe to visit the area. She and Nick gave us a nice tour of the area - short due to many attractions that were closed due to fire damage, but the area is still beautiful. I hope that the area can recover and become the visitor attraction that it has been for years. To the casual visitor, the fire damage is not too obvious, but much of local infrastructure is damage and may take some time to rebuild. Good weather blessed our visit to Mt, Hood, Rainer, and St. Helens at the end of the month. We have avoided the fires to visited OR & WA before heading south but next month see us headed to more National Parks in Oregon, Utah and California. These two month see us moving every couple of days as we do the sightseeing thing. Please let us know if you’ll be in a campground near us in the future.

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