Episode 32 - A Witch in Time


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Grab your flux capacitor, and your love beads, because on this psychedelic installment of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, Alex is joined by noted child of the 80s, Fil Araujo, to analyze what happens when Salem Saberhagen’s sardine scented sleepy time snack sends the Spellman’s to the sixties, its “Inna Gadda Sabrina”! Will Sabrina be able to regain her magical Time Ball from Salem, and send Westbridge back to the 90s? Will Hilda and Zelda put down the bong long enough to look for it? Will our resident teen witch be able to deal with her discovery that sexism was a thing in the 60s? (WAS?!) Answers to these questions, as well as a review of the other TGIF episodes in the TIME CHASERS storyline, lie ahead on this righteous edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials!

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