Episode 14 - A Flan New Attitude


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More enticing than a Baltimore Orioles’ sideburn, its an all new edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials! When a chronic bad mood makes Sabrina flee the mortal realm for the other side of her mirror, It’ll take an MLB icon and talentless actor, not to mention a dump truck sized dessert, to help get her back to Westbridge. Join host Alex Araujo, as he flies solo, and head on into the orgy of monkey puppets, indoor rainstorms, and horrible haircuts that is episode 14 of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, “Sabrina Through the Looking Glass”! Will Sabrina be able to execute her apology “GAME PLAN”, and make it all the way HOME, or will she STRIKE OUT, and be stuck in her mirror forever? Will Harvey’s simian substitution to his and Sabrina’s presentation drive our teenage witch ape? Will Hilda’s obsession with home run hero Brady Anderson drive her so insane she’ll lose any ability to pick fashionable clothing?! Answers to these and other questions, not to mention a goat, lie ahead, on this hall of fame worthy installment of Sabrina’s Witch Trials!

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