(S)HEroes Part 1: The Women at the Cross- The Dirty Work of Ministry


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Have you ever dealt with a diagnosis, sudden death, or life-altering event? How did you come out of it on the other side?
In this 5-part series, we'll be talking about women of the Bible, their heroic characteristics, GRIT, perseverance, surrender to God, and doing what's right even when no one else is. We'll explore their selfless, unyielding, and courageous service even in the face of danger.
In this episode, we learn about the women at the cross: Doing the dirtiest work of ministry. (Mark 15:40-16:8)

We'll talk about three things:

  • “Trench work” when things are stacked against us
  • Serving even when it seems all hope is lost
  • Being marginalized and yet following Jesus even through the hardest times

How can we apply the heroism of the women of the cross, to our daily lives?
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