Entitlement Detox


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When you change your ‘beliefs’ and ‘stories’, you can reawaken your empowerment from within and deepen your truth.

Sometimes this calls for you to leave the fiery wants and needs of passion, pleasure and perfect success to search within the darkness of your own shadow; your ego personality, to uncover and confront how you may be holding yourself back from your own empowerment…which I like to call your truth, your ability to connect with what you really are which is a Soul.

Together, We Also Explore

  • What are your attachments
  • How to rewrite your attachments and change your story
  • Self awareness processes
  • Self worth or self love can become entitlement
  • From entitlement (and suffering) to your deeper truth
  • Keeping the flow of love open
  • Why Nobody is entitled
  • Gifts & challenges along the Path
  • Exploring growth through human experience & possibilities
  • Truth, conscious choices & responsibility
  • Reclaiming power as a leader of Light
Stella Excerpt from Today’s Podcast

"When you let go of the stories that feed your entitlements you bring in more light and joy; to your self, your dearest ones, and all those you serve. You discover especially that your leadership -in any form it may take- is more inspiring and captivating. As you are now coming from a place of authentic power. You have shifted from entitlement to empowerment with depth of your truth."

Takeaway Gem to Muse on

"What do you feel entitled to?"

Deep within yourself I want you to sit with this question. Feel it in your bones and be honest, real and raw. What do I believe I am entitled to?

Article to Dive Deeper


I send you light and love as you continue your search for truth along your Path.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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