Use New Moon "SOL SYNERGY" To Manifest What You Will!


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Greetings 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood Klan. Peace, protection, prosperity and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. Want to let all the 9MIND Sacred Sisters know that TODAY we should use the NEW MOON LEO SEKMET ENERGY TO MANIFEST THE CHANGES WE WANT TO SEE TAKE PLACE ON OUR PLANET. YES THIS IS OUR PLANET & WE NEED TO TAKE IT BACK FOR AMMA. The wrong MOTHER has been in charge and is the reason why those not genetically related to SHE suffer and or stratectically and ritually ABUSED in HER HONOR by her SONS who call themselves PATRIOTS and thus defend PATRIARCHY. How has the earth and everything living on it faired under forced patriarchy? hasnt been pleasent has it? Not even for those who defend it and yet many do not wish to see it go. It is a SIGN to them that their TIME IS UP, so yes they are resisting the change with RACISM and VIOLENCE sense thats all they have ever known. I asked this question on twitter. "When in American history did mobs of Blacks ever attack or terrorize poor whites for being POOR and White and the Government allowed it and did nothing? Do your own ritual TODAY and if you can, wear ceremonial ritual clothing, headdress or jewelry to give your ritual more meaning and significance. BEAT THE DRUMS & TELL WOMB;THE SOURCE OF ALL LIVING YOU WELCOME HER RETURN & HER RULE.

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