#64: Boredomlands


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It may be hard to believe, but it's been nearly seven years since Borderlands 2 launched, and so with Borderlands 3's recent arrival, you may expect fans to be delighted. Some are, no doubt, but many others aren't, and such a situation calls much into question: Are there too many loot-based shooters? Can a game like this compete on the modern market? Is Borderlands 3 simply too late? Chris and Colin don't see eye-to-eye on this much at all, which makes for an interesting conversation. Then, how 'bout some news?! GameStop keeps tanking, Final Fantasy VII Remake appeals to the old-schoolers, Control's sales are soft, and Ubisoft promises massive open-world games galore in its future. Finally, to round things out, we take some listener questions. Are publishers and developers releasing DLC too far after a game's launch? What do we think of Katamari Damacy? How do we carve out time to game? If you get a DiGiorno Pizza delivered via Amazon, does it rip a hole in space and time?
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