Augustine Of Hippo, City Of God Book 19 - The Supreme Good And The Present Life


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This lecture discusses key ideas from the early medieval philosopher and theologian, Augustine of Hippo's work, The City of God. It focuses specifically on his discussion in book 19 focused on the present life's prospects for human happiness and enjoying the supreme good or final end for human beings. As rational beings, our nature and our desires cannot be entirely fulfilled by the things and goods of this life. Augustine examines this matter in terms of the vulnerability of the body and the soul, the struggle of the virtues with the vices, and the strife and conflict involved in social existence. To support my ongoing work, go to my Patreon site - If you'd like to make a direct contribution, you can do so here - - or at BuyMeACoffee - You can find over 1500 philosophy videos in my main YouTube channel - Purchase Augustine's City of God -

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