Is a Market Correction Happening Soon? 12/2/17

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Each week, Biff Hamel and Jim Byrd review the latest information concerning financial planning for retirement. Listen to the radio broadcasts or download the podcast here or on iTunes. Highlights of this week’s show:

The Market is Overdue for a Correction

Depending on the outcome of the vote on the GOP Tax bill, the market may make a temporary upswing, but most analysts are predicting a market correction in the near future. According to experts, the market is overpriced and overdue for a correction.

Lots of people are coming into the office for their complimentary consultation because they heard us on the radio. We had four people come in last week. We’re flattered, but the fact is, we delight in helping you secure your retirement income.

Hybrid Annuities Offer Individual Options

One of the ways to hedge against market corrections is to invest in certain kinds of annuities, available in many different forms. Some annuities are still subject to market volatility, but the hybrid annuities that are sold by Safe Harbor Financial have no market risk at all and provide income for life. All hybrid annuities can be adjusted with riders and additions so they can be tailored to your individual needs.

Annuities can continue to pay you even after the economy dips, your spouse dies, your pension fund runs out, your health deteriorates… hybrid annuities can help provide income for your lifetime, no matter what happens. You cannot outlive your annuity income.

What Happens at Your Complimentary Consultation?

We start with your goals and dreams, and develop strategies to meet those goals. Only then do we consider which products will best help you meet your goals. The primary focus is making sure you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Part of our complimentary consultation involves analyzing your current portfolio. Many people don’t know what they have in their portfolio, what it costs and what level of risk it carries. It’s easy to set up a 401k and let it run for years unattended without knowing the actual cost and risk associated with it. The truth is, most 401k’s cost almost twice as much as a hybrid annuity, and are far more risky.

We also help you find your comfort zone with risk. Our cutting edge technology measures your risk tolerance quite accurately and then we compare it to your current portfolio. In most cases, and especially as retirement approaches, people have little risk tolerance coupled with high risk investments– despite what they have been told by their financial advisor. We don’t preach doom and gloom, but we’ve seen many tragic financial situations in our experience and we want to help you secure your retirement now before the market corrects and you risk losing a big portion of your retirement portfolio.

We care about people and we don’t simply plug you into a program. We ask lots of questions to help understand your current situation and future plans and only then do we recommend any portfolio adjustments. Give us a call or contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. You’ve got nothing to lose. Let’s get started.

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