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Gentle reminders for those who walk the path of transmuting and dissolving destructive and/or self-limiting beliefs.

@00:00 - A Thought - There is a need—for many of us—for reassurance. Verbal reassurance. Reassurance in the form of a desired outcome. Reassurance in our bank accounts. We need a certain combination of conditions to line up in order us to feel content, fulfilled, happy, loved, etc. But to be at the mercy of the millions of ever-changing and unpredictable factors in play is to gamble with your life. While a great portion of your circumstances are out of your control, there is a world of a difference to be made by focusing on what you believe ABOUT those circumstances.

@01:20 - Belief - What we believe determines what we see and experience which either reinforces our beliefs and feelings or challenges them. Being mindful of this feedback loop is the first step in influencing it.

@02:34 - Changing Beliefs - When we live life passively, what we see determines what we believe. Some beliefs are true until enough time passes for them to be outdated. Some beliefs are based on faulty reasoning to begin with. It’s useful to take some time in silence and stillness to look at your beliefs, ask yourself how you came to adopt them as truth, and determine whether they serve you or stifle you. It’s important to remember at every step of the way that a belief is just something you accept as truth. Some beliefs break away on their own whether instantly via some sort of shocking event or over time as life weeds out your self-imposed illusions (or adds them in). You can wait or you can be proactive in checking in with yourself and examining the programming that you run on.

The goal is to have beliefs that result in a happier, more generous and fulfilled version of yourself. It will take time to flush out the faulty beliefs but what matters is that you’re on the path at all.

@04:30 - Why This Shit Matters To Me - Having spent a good amount of time in a state of feeling defeated, I understand with absolute clarity the importance of installing beliefs that despite the circumstances no matter how hopeless they seem. No matter how normal those hopeless circumstances have become!

@05:35 - Believing Is Seeing - A mental model to help make you less reliant on the “desirable” conditions. We plant our emotional flag in things like money, relationships, career, etc. These are fleeting targets. Plant it internally. Change your conditions to change your condition.

@08:10 - Final words

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