Holy Martyrs Agathopous and Theodoulos (303)


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Agathopous was a deacon, very old, and Theodoulos a reader, very young, in the church in Thessalonica. During Diocletian's persecution the two were summoned to trial. They went joyfully, holding one another by the hand and exclaiming to all, 'We are Christians!' After flattery, cajolery, threats, imprisonment and starvation had failed to make them deny Christ, they were condemned to death by drowning. They were bound and a large stone tied to their necks; as they were about to be thrown into the sea, Agathopous cried, 'Behold, by a second baptism we are washed from our sins, and will go cleansed to Christ Jesus!' Their drowned bodies were soon washed ashore, and Christians gave them honorable burial. Not long afterward, Theodoulos appeared to his brethren in the form of a shining angel and told them to give all his goods to the poor.

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