796: Sales Presentations, with Terri Sjodin


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Terri Sjodin is the founder of Sjodin Communications and author of a new research report titled “The State of Sales Presentations 2020." She joins me today for a conversation about the common sales presentation mistakes professionals make in today’s market. As Terri and I get into, the world changed, just a little bit, even after she had finished this research. However, the net effect is that the relevance and importance of many of the recommendations that Terri makes for sellers have been amplified by the pandemic.

We’ll talk about the 9 common mistakes that sales presenters have made forever and the 3 new common mistakes (Hint: they're largely driven by over-reliance on technology and a failure to connect with the audience on a human level). Finally, we'll dive into a really interesting finding in her research. That the amount of product training a seller receives is direct proportion to the number of presentation mistakes they make. There’s a very good reason for that. Be sure to check that part out.


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