AI in Sales Funnels (Not the Boogie Man)


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Seems like most think of Terminator when they think "AI." It's not. The first time I put AI into the back of one of my funnels was 3 years ago.

Here's what I learned…

AI is an incredibly powerful tool, but it's not the boogie man.

It can't take over everything in your business; you've got to get all the basics dialed in first. Otherwise, it will be a distraction.

Think of AI as an accelerant for your sales process.

Under certain contexts and with very specific questions, coupled with clean data, there's nothing as powerful as AI. Companies using AI in this atmosphere are getting more sales with fewer resources.

It can show strong patterns that the naked eye or brain could never compute. That's the power of AI, and that's why I'm personally excited about it.

Take time to learn about it and what it can do, but remember, it's not the boogie man!

Key Takeaways

- The incredible power of AI in sales (03:27)

- Taking time to learn new tech (05:05)

- Using AI as a sales accelerant (06:50)

- Getting more sales with fewer resources (09:25)

- AI is good with specific questions (12:21)

- Clean up your data (13:53)

- No tech/tool will replace core business skills (17:36)

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